And We’re Back

One of the Mamas, in her rush to clean up computers and her digital life, *MIGHT* have accidentally managed to delete the backups and files for this site. That *MIGHT* have happened. Not that we have had much to say recently, but we are beginning the process of rebuilding.

You can still look forward to great recipes, fun tips and tricks, and laugh (and cry) along with us on our journey to get healthy. It’s been a bumpy two years since we started here – filled with many successes, and just as many misses – but hey, we’re the “im”perfect mamas, remember?

So join us as we rebuild and try to make this a more active community. We are not doctors. We are not nutritionists. What works for us may not work for you, but if we all share our ideas, struggles, successes, and suggestions, we just might finally figure out hoe to get healthy in this crazy thing we call life.