Meal Planning Monday

Michele C. here, sharing my meal planning for the week with all of you. I am trying a few new recipes this week, so I will be sure to follow-up with my thoughts and suggestions after I make them.

This week’s meal planning is a bit different from normal, as I am on my own this week while my husband is on the West Coast. The bad news about being alone is trying to cook for one. The good news about being alone is that I get to eat things that my other half might not love.

Here is my lunch and dinner plan for the week:

Lunch — a big salad a la Tangy Toss Up or Eggvocado Explosion.
Dinner — marinated portobello burgers (with a mayo/mustard sauce from Paula Deen) with roasted peppers, cheese, and good bread. Side of roasted asparagus. The marinade is this one from my good friend over at City Mouse in a Country House.

Lunch — Turkey sandwich with pepperjack cheese, mustard, greens, maybe some crispy turkey bacon, served with a side of veggies or fruit or both.
Dinner — Taco salad — taco meat, greens, shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream, and whatever else I feel like throwing on there.

Lunch — nachos with leftover taco meat (reasonable portion but it’s my treat meal).
Dinner — Leftovers — Portobello burger and asparagus.

Lunch — Big ol’ salad again of some kind.
Dinner — Thai Crunch Chicken Salad from How Sweet Eats. New recipe for me, and it sounds AMAZING.

Lunch — leftover thai crunch salad
Dinner — Thai pizza using the leftover salad ingredients, with maybe a duck or plum sauce and some shredded monterey jack cheese.

Meal Planning Mondays


7 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday

  1. Liza (Cira's Lyrics)

    ok i am drooling over the thought of marinated portobello burgers. yum! love that you are so organized. i never seem to know what i’m making till i start making it. LOL definitely have to start planning more.


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